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What is American Universe?

Definitely Not "Right Wing"

There is one other matter which we should address and that is whether we are to the right of the political spectrum.

What utter nonsense and now that you understand what a conservative American is, you will immediately see the ignorance with which that label is used against us. Perhaps that is not ignorance; perhaps it has been that long that we have tolerated liberals to redefine us in ways that cast us as undesirable people.

For us to accept that we are the "right wing" of the political spectrum, assumes that we concede that there is something nobler to our left or something more egregious to our right while we follow the proven standard and strive to remain obedient to that standard.

It's impossible that something nobler can exist to our left or our right. It is a mirage created by liberals to deceive us in abandoning our doctrine. Abandoning our doctrine to move even an inch to the left or the right means we have to dismantle parts of the Constitution.

Can you see by accepting the liberals' labels they designed for us we became enablers, even sponsors, of the destruction of the Constitution?

People who break the law in the name of the "right wing" are not conservative Americans. They violate our doctrine just as much as liberals do to the left.

Our doctrine is the most noble and most transparent, accessible for all to see, to judge, and free for all to adopt.

If liberals are correct that it is better to move to the left, then, being a conservative American is not the most noble of all in the nation. Then, because we are merely image bearers of the Constitution, it is inescapable to conclude that they are convinced that the Constitution is ignoble.

Conservative Americans should always resist being referred to as Right Wing or any derivative thereof. In fact, any other term than conservative American should be regarded as a pejorative and an attempt to mischaracterize and eventually mislead real Americans.