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What is American Universe?


I believe that the prosperity and liberty afforded to U.S. citizens by virtue of the U.S. Constitution should be available to all like-minded people of the world by offering them a universal citizenship that will put them on a path to prosperity and liberty equal to that of the United States of America.

The value of U.S. citizenship-by-birth has been devalued beyond the point where it can safely be bestowed upon people merely because of the location of their birth.

Real commitment and accountability should be the only norm. Only proven loyalty to the principles that provide universal liberty and prosperity will be acceptable - acceptable to be considered for citizenship of The American Universe.

The United States of America has been founded on principles that have created unheard of prosperity and liberty to all who practice and live them. In less than 300 years, and more particularly in the last 150 years, the country grew from a pioneer nation to a world power, feeding and protecting many of the nations of the world.

It is basically founded on the principle that free people will always choose freedom. Freedom is not only the liberty to speak one's mind, but also to transact and profit free from tyranny and crime; tyranny and crime from government and from invaders, robbers and thieves.

There are too many people who have sworn oaths to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States who have not done so. Too many, insurgents like in a Trojan Horse, have taken oaths just to be in positions from where they can destroy it, if we consider their actions. This situation has corrupted the oath of office and made it almost worthless, if not laughable, principally because the trust in the oath of office has been left unprotected for almost a century.

To restore the trust in the oath of office is a moral duty of all who believe in liberty, not only because it is the manner in which the liberty of all are preserved, but also because many thousands of Americans have laid down their lives on account of their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Having some elected to an office, who swear the same oath just to despise it has to come to an end. The people now demand accountability and real consequences for those who promise one thing to get elected and then embark on a course of undermining and destroying that oath. The elected office should be resurrected to the honorable position it was intended to be. The American Universe strives to put instruments in the hands of the people to accomplish exactly that.

Because many millions of people are willing to sacrifice everything they have to come to America for the sole purpose of being able to practice the principles of the Constitution, the American Universe's scope is global. It is not possible and not practical to promise everyone a passage to the geographical United States of America, but it is certainly doable to export the principles that brought prosperity and liberty to these shores, to others in the world. We believe that can best be accomplished by becoming a member (citizen) of the American Universe.

Waging war to bring liberty has a very limited place in the world, to be brought about in rare and extraordinary circumstances; this is not it. People, regardless of where they are, will demand to be individually free from oppression, persecution and servitude. That is an absolute, inalienable right of all people in the world, and can only be subdued by willing subjection or force. To teach the virtues of individual liberty and prevent its oppression are the basic goals upon which the American Universe has been founded.

American Universe's life expectancy is unlimited and only the people who subscribe to these principles can keep it alive or destroy it.

Please take the time to read the American Universe Constitution and familiarize yourself with our honorable goals and then join us. After joining the American Universe, please recommend to all whom you know that they join, too. It's a crusade to restore our Constitution, our dignity and our honor.