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What is American Universe?

The Objective

The founding of The American Universe has as its principal objective holding politicians accountable for their conduct, oaths of office and campaign promises by making instruments available with which politicians have to answer for violations of that conduct that is expected from people who represent their fellow citizens, their oaths of office and campaign promises.

Other objectives are the promotion of the virtues of Americanism to all the people of the world because we believe that the inalienable rights defined therein apply to every human being, not only those who live in America.

If these virtues are so overwhelmingly beneficial as they have been in the U.S., we have an obligation to export them worldwide, liberating billions of people who are groaning under the weight of the heels of aristocracies and despots. Liberated people would be less of a threat to the United States than those whose actions are under the control of a ruling class, which means that the United States would be safer in a liberated world than an oppressed one. Keeping America safe requires that we export our values and virtues to others who have been denied their inalienable rights.

AU is in the process of constructing mechanisms whereby people can hold their politicians to their campaign promises, prohibit party intimidation of their candidates by establishing a new executor of the people's will, provide natural born citizens with a manner in which to bind their consciences to an oath of citizenship, guard the ballot box as the national treasure that it is, and address the conflicts of interest that are found in the Supreme Court.