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What is American Universe?


To educate and lead all those people anywhere in the world, who share the principles of capitalism, individual liberty and the free market system to the American Dream.

To identify, oppose, and eradicate all forms of aristocracy, socialism, communism and progressivism, or at least keep proponents of these foreign doctrines out of government.

To encourage all the people of the United States to practice honesty, integrity, charity, accountability, responsibility and effectiveness and to cause others to follow these principles.

To prevent anyone from taking office who is not pro-active protectors and defenders of the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Documents, and the principles and precepts described herein. To remove those who are in office who violate or threaten to violate the U.S. Constitution. That is, we aim to restore and enforce the integrity of the oath of office and by our numbers remove from office those who violate or endanger it.

To explain, teach and live the principles of conservatism, not as the contemporary understanding suggests, but according to the outline explained under the heading CONSERVATISM.