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What is American Universe?

Executive Summary

Very few people would deny that the United States of America is at a cross-roads here at the beginning of the 21st Century.

It is not a position in which she fell suddenly; it has been in the making for many years covering many generations of good-intentioned people. The cross-roads at which she finds herself today were carefully constructed by people with questionable motives; some deliberately, some as the product of misleading prophets of so-called liberty.

They lured honest, hardworking people away from the beauty and enduring principles and precepts of the Founding doctrines - doctrines that gave her unparalleled successes in a very short period, historically speaking.

What was held up as liberty turned out to be bondage, tyranny and slavery and a terrible yoke of servitude is about to be slammed on our and our posterity's necks.

The Founding of the United States was not the result of dogma, theory or experiment but the compilation of principles and precepts distilled from the horrendous mistakes and tyranny, and also successes, of history. That distillation gave us individual liberty, capitalism, and a free market. It took honest men to look objectively at history and the inalienable human right to be free from servitude and bondage. The Founding Fathers were those honest men.

Americanism, which is liberty, honor, dignity and charity, that immediately shone forth from an American citizen in the past have been eroded and devalued to the point where the geographical location of one's birth can no longer be automatically translated to Americanism.

One of the reasons why millions and millions of people from all walks of life all over the world are prepared to suffer unimaginable hardship and make unbelievable sacrifices to come to the United States is to practice these precepts and principles, which alone are able to produce the "American Dream."

The American Universe's goal is to teach these principles and precepts to all who wish to embrace them regardless of their geographical location. These principles are not owned by a people nor are they committed to a specific place on earth. They are free to be embraced and practiced by all human beings. Their ownership and bounty are with those who practice them: The true Americans.

Join us now, read our constitution and the FAQ's and see the road we invite you to travel with us to become True Americans. Become members, or citizens, of an American Universe and enjoy the liberty and universal prosperity that being an American provides.

Life, liberty, property and the liberty to pursue whatever you believe is your happiness, are your absolute, inalienable rights.