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What is American Universe?


Nowhere is conservatism properly explained, and I dare say that even our giants of conservatism of the past failed to define conservatism properly leaving it open to interpretation and definition by our enemies. This want of a proper definition and understanding of conservatism has caused, and still causes, conservative movements and political parties to rapidly rise and fall. As voters identify with the "conservative" point of view, they vote conservatives into office but as soon as they come to power, there seem to be a rapid loss of direction, losing power just as rapidly. This is due to an incorrect characterization of conservatism.

The word "conservative" comes from the Latin "to preserve," but it doesn't say what is to be preserved because it should be used as an adjective -- not a noun unless there is no ambiguity about the context in which the word is used. This state of ambiguity gave rise to conservatism's enemies to loosely apply the word for the sake of argument and convenience, leaving conservatives with no real valid response.

Conservatism is the willing adherence and obedience to a well-defined, clearly understood, and universally accessible set of principles, which could be described as a doctrine. The followers of a doctrine are in fact image bearers of their doctrine as if to say, 'to know me is to know my doctrine. To know my doctrine is to know what I will do.'

Just as religions have their doctrines with their followers as image bearers, so, Americans must be image bearers of the American Doctrine: The U.S. Constitution. Similarly, a conservative cannot be a conservative unless there is an underlying doctrine of which the conservative is a willingly obedient image bearer.

Americans are identified by the image they bear: character, integrity, dignity and honor; not necessarily the country in which they were born. Therefore, to claim to be an American and behave like someone without dignity and integrity is a false claim and the image reflected is purely a caricature of the truth. To claim to be a liberal and an American is an oxymoron because liberalism, by definition, has no clearly defined doctrine of which a liberal can claim to be an image bearer. There is also no such thing as liberal conservatism or someone who claims to be fiscally conservative but morally liberal. As soon as the image one bears does not reflect a doctrine that is clearly defined and universally accessible to all, it is a fleeting image one observes in such a person, an image that will change at will, be molded to fit the circumstances or will of the bearer.

Someone who claims to be an American but reflects an image that is not found in the American doctrine is a liar and an imposter: un-American and thus an enemy of Americanism. For example, someone who claims to be a socialist and an American is not telling the truth about one of those concepts. Reason demands that there cannot be a compromise.

It is a mischaracterization to refer to conservatives as "right" of the political spectrum as if there is something nobler to their left. Conservatives are neither left nor right, they are image bearers of the doctrine to which they are willingly obedient. Criticism is moot if it is directed at the individual and not the underlying doctrine unless it is to make the individual aware of wandering off the course of the underlying doctrine.

It is our mission to teach conservative Americanism and, through our members, whom we call citizens of the American Universe, nominate and vote for candidates that subscribe to the American Doctrine. Over time the electorate will have purified the body of officials we have put in power to follow the American Doctrine.