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What is Capitalism?
What about large corporate executives that become filthy rich on the backs of others?
Corporate executives enter into employment contracts with their employers. Should the corporations fail to honor their contracts, they can get sued and stand to lose a lot more than their costs to honor their obligations. Even if all corporate executives take a huge pay cut, it will not change the livelihood of anyone caught up in poverty because it is not the amount of money paid to executives that put people in poverty, it is the forcible interference in the free market system that creates poverty and keeps people in it.
Why does Capitalism always bring the most wealth to criminals?
It is not Capitalism that brings the most wealth to criminals, it is criminals who take from others that which do not belong to them. Most criminals are protected by non-capitalist societies, such as socialism, communism and fascism. In a truly capitalistic society, criminals are brought to justice regardless of their status in society and wealth.
Why is there such a divide between poor and rich in capitalist societies?
There will always be poor people and there will always be rich people and some in between. Under capitalism those in-between people (the middle class) make up a much larger percentage of the population than in other types of societies as poor people realize they, too, can raise their living standards by their own volition and without fear of intimidation, constraints of a class-system or authority. In true capitialist societies, there will always be less poor people than in other types of societies.


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