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It appears as if the U.S. military has now become an instrument in the hands of the tyrannical components within government by overtly outlawing Christian and Jewish religion in the military.

The military should be totally agnostic to the religious convictions of its members, being bound together with a common bond founded on the purpose, goals and interests of its Sovereign: this nation.

Those who are of no particular religious conviction, have the right to comfort and sustenance of their choice with similar liberties that are afforded to the religious minded soldiers. Read Full Article

History shows us that "government" would of necessity pursue tyranny and where the people's liberty to individually think and act was never free to begin with, such as was the case in the Pre-American era, the only way in which oppressions could be removed was by large scale bloodshed.

Those people who are at the levers of control of "government" appear to willingly, even gleefully, transform from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde depending whether they enter the daylight of citizenship or the darkness of government.


Will the U.S. Elect A Black President Again?


With the total absence of background checking and vetting of the first black U.S. president because he happens to be a Democrat, and the lynching of conservative black candidates for any office, by Democrats, will future black presidencies be doomed to fail for reasons that have nothing to do with their character?